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Beyond Glasses

With a greater percentage of people wearing glasses and contact lenses than ever before, we’ve come to accept that corrective lenses (or Lasik surgery) is all we can do to manage a vision problem. But it is possible to move beyond glasses without surgery.  More …

William H. Bates: The Father of Natural Vision Improvement

“The fact is that when the mind is at rest nothing can tire the eyes, and when the mind is under a strain nothing can rest them. Anything that rests the mind will benefit the eyes. ~  William H. Bates, MD      More …

The Yoga of Vision by Marc Grossman

Having spent the better part of thirty five years in the study and practice of behavioral optometry, I cannot help but conclude that our problems with our visual sense – or lack of vision, if you will – are what keep us from living in a state of grace. That state is one in which we are in harmony with ourselves and others.  ~ Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac.    More . . .

Self-Care To Maintain Eye Health At Any Age ~ Dr. Marc Grossman

Taking a preventative approach to eye health combined with the strengths of modern day Western medicine can help preserve your precious gift of sight. You can learn to help preserve your eyesight and become an active participant in your own vision care.    More . . .

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