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The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes in Today’s Screen-focused World

There is an epidemic of nearsightedness, thanks to our increasingly screen-focused world. It makes eye doctors and eyeglass manufacturers happy, but what is it doing to you? And what are the long-term ramifications?  More . . .

Yoga and Vision

‘Yoga’ means union, and as an eye doctor I think — union —  how can the two eyes work easily and efficiently together. The practice of yoga can lead to the integration of the physical, mental, and spiritual energies, that together, enhance health and well-being.  More . . .

The Liver Meridian: Chinese Medicine and Your Eyes

The eyes are connected to the liver. How can that be? What does that mean? Traditional Chinese medicine understands that optimal health of the body is intimately related with the flow of energy.   More . . .

The Effects of Digital Media Versus Print Media on Your Eyes and Reading

Reading in the digital age occurs on several media sources – computer screens, e-readers, and printed material – and each type has its own effects on your eyes. What are the effects and what can you do to prevent eye strain? More . . .

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